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Artist Biography
Alice Meichi Li [李美姿] was born at dawn one fine August morning to
Chinese immigrant parents who stereotypically ran a restaurant.
She not-so-stereotypically grew up in a crime-ridden Detroit
neighborhood, nursed on cultural-identity confusion and comics.
Her escapism into art and disregard for being a good Asian
daughter drove her extrication to New York City in order to become a
professional purveyor of visual works for the delight and spectacle of all.

True to her namesake, Alice ponders Curiouser Things and proceeds to
ensnare them within the confines of her canvas. Her art has been seen on
the walls of museums and galleries, album covers, book covers, comic
anthologies, magazines, and more. She earned her BFA at School of
Visual Arts, and currently lives and works in New York, NY.
Selected Bibliography + [expand full list]
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Hidden Youth
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Rick and Morty: Li'l Poopy Superstar #1
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Reading With Pictures: Comics That Make Kids Smarter
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GirlsDrawinGirls Vol. 4:
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Selected Recognition + [expand full list]
Society of Illustrators LA
Silver Award - Illustration West 52
Illustration West 46
Harvey Award Nominee
Harvey Award Nominee
2013 - Once Upon a Time Machine
2011 - Reading With Pictures
Applied Arts June 2009
Editorial Category
CMYK Magazine 38
Fall 2007 Issue
American Illustration 26
Chosen for "disTRIBUTE"
Worldstudio AIGA
W. K. Kellogg Award
Selected Exhibitions + [expand full list]
Official Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass [group]
Hero Complex Gallery
May 2016 | Los Angeles, CA
Draw 'Em With the Pointy End [group]
Gallery Nucleus
June 2015 | Alhambra, CA
Meatball Head [group]
Meltdown Gallery
August 2014 | Los Angeles, CA
+ LAist: Photos: Celebrate 20 Years Of Sailor Moon With 'Meatball Head' Art Show
+ Anime News Network: Artists Celebrate 20 Years of Sailor Moon With L.A. Art Exhibit
+ NerdMelt: MEATBALL HEAD: An Art Gallery Celebrating Over 20 Years of Sailor Moon 7-11pm
When the Lights Go Out [group]
Bottleneck Gallery
April 2013 | Brooklyn, NY
+ io9: Glow-in-the-dark
2001: A Space Odyssey poster is mind-blowing when the lights go out
+ Movie Buzzers: Preview of Bottleneck Gallery's Upcoming Glow in the Dark Art Show
+ Nerdlocker:
Bottleneck Gallery's When The Lights Go Out!
Alt.Comics: Asian American Artists Reinvent the
Comic Book
MOCA: Museum of
Chinese in America

September 2012 | New York, NY
+ MOCA: Official Press Release
+ Time Out New York
+ NY1: Comic Exhibit Looks At Asian-American Influence, Perception
+ The Beat: Asian American Creators Deconstruct Stereotypes
NeoIntegrity: Comics [group]
MoCCA: Museum of
Comics and Cartoon Art

March 2010 | New York, NY
Curator: Keith Mayerson
+ Time Out New York
Selected Press + [expand full list]
Communication Arts
Communication Arts [05.02.2016]
"Five Illustrators Share Their Treasured Finds"
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"6 Female Illustrators Weigh In On Sexism, Feminism, And The Newsweek Fiasco"
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The Good Men Project [12.07.2014]
"The Hero's Journey vs. The Heroine's Journey: Rewriting Privilege" by Nicole Franklin
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"Interview: Alice Meichi Li" by Tony Lewis
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"Creative Spotlight: Episode #42" by Marcello Milteer
io9 [03.04.2011]
"Music, Genetics and Fantasy" by Ann VanderMeer
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"The Gallery: Alice Meichi Li" by Evan Miller
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