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+Madam, Mother, Witch
07. 17. 2018 + Massive book & gallery update!
Madam, Mother, Witch (Westworld, Gallery 1988)
Serpentine (Beetlejuice, Gallery 1988)
Rabbit vs. Eclipse - 1,001 Knights
My Darling - ComicMix's Mine!
New Frontiers: The Many Worlds Of George Takei - Japanese American National Museum
Aphrodite Melainis - Dark Horse Comics' Once Upon a Time Machine 2: Greek Gods & Legends
10. 11. 2017 + New gallery work :)
08. 20. 2017 + As You Wish, inspired by Princess Bride, for Gallery 1988's 30 Years Later show. This is also done as a companion piece to As the World Falls Down.
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