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+Queen of the Tokyo Underground
11. 27. 2015 + Queen of the Tokyo Underground, inspired by O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill — for Gallery 1988's "CRAZY 4 CULT 9" show.
11. 26. 2015 + Guzu Gallery has now released prints for Wet, inspired by Mega Man!
09. 15. 2015 + Chun-Li for Guzu Gallery's "High Scores" video game show.
09. 13. 2015 + Portrait of Dr. Jin Montclare — for Ravishly's Women's Work Magazine, celebrating women working in STEM professions.
05. 10. 2015 + New Redbubble store, in beta! Still in-progress, but you can check out what's available so far...
04. 21. 2015 + A limited-edition glow-in-the-dark release of my Storm Redesign is now available through Bottleneck Gallery, for its "When the Lights Go Out 3" show!
03. 05. 2015 + Another 2 new pieces: An (animated GIF!) redesign of Storm from Marvel Comics' X-Men for the Muddy Colors Blog, and "Dear God Make Me A Bird" for Hero Complex Gallery's "Quotes, Lines & Lyrics" show
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