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+Gods & Monsters
10. 01. 2014 + "Gods & Monsters", a new metallic-gold ink screenprint inspired by Lana Del Rey, for Guzu Gallery's "Deep Cuts: 2" show!
09. 21. 2014 + Thanks to everyone who went to The Party Mixtape Art Show and made it awesome :) My piece, "Ingenue" is now up for sale through Beehive Society's store for a limited time! Also, we got on Time Out's list of Top 10 Events to do in San Francisco!
09. 19. 2014 + "Ingenue" for The Beehive Society's Party Mixtape Art Show @ Asterisk San Francisco THIS Friday!
08. 23. 2014 + "Mars Phoenix Warrior" for Meltdown Gallery / Nerdist Showroom's MEATBALL HEAD Sailormoon-themed exhibition!
08. 20. 2014 + "Antlers", a Hannibal-inspired piece for Hero Complex Gallery's "I Am the Law / A Life of Crime" show
08. 19. 2014 + New cover for the Sherbet Trade Paperback, being Kickstarted right NOW!
08. 09. 2014 + Prints of "Aensland" have been officially released for Bottleneck Gallery's "8-Bit & Beyond: 2" exhibition.
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