Jin Montclare
Acrylic and Digital

Portrait of Dr. Jin Montclare -- for Ravishly's Women's Work Magazine, celebrating women working in STEM professions.
“Dr. Jin Montclare is busy performing dare-we-say revolutionary research in how Mother Nature can be improved upon. She specializes in the engineering of artificial proteins that will target everything from tissue regeneration and drug delivery to disorders that plague this terribly fragile mortal coil of ours.

“Montclare holds a PhD in bioorganic chemistry from Yale and currently heads up the Montclare Lab for protein engineering & molecular design and serves as an associate professor at New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering.

“Oh, and she is also applying her prowess to pedagogy, helping to design and develop (alongside her research team) a series of interactive chemistry apps for students K‑12.”

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