Storm Redesign [animated]
Acrylic and Digital  |  Edition of 50 Silkscreened Glow-in-the-Dark Prints

[UPDATE: A limited-edition glow-in-the-dark release of this piece is now available through Bottleneck Gallery, for its "When the Lights Go Out 3" show!]

A redesign of Storm from Marvel Comics' X-Men for the Muddy Colors Blog about "What Women Want... in Women Characters".

I wanted to portray her Nature-Goddess Weather-Witch persona, which isn't often depicted. And rather than her iconic punky mohawk, I've always wanted to see her in a frohawk. Not only does this give a more natural vibe, but the combination of the curly white frohawk and stylized baby hairs gives the impression of a cloud. Integrating a lightning design shaved into the side of her head brings the goddess of weather aspect home. As a tribute to her original costume, I integrated the design of her crown into the design of her bodice and her mother's ancestral ruby is now a ring.

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